Dear Friend of the Unborn,

At a time in history when everyone has a cause and a rallying call, who will speak for the unborn? While working part-time for a pregnancy resource center I had a God-inspired idea to create a Pro-Life Awareness Ribbon for unborn babies. After all, who is more “pro-life” than a baby in the womb?

So, I gathered some friends – a gaggle of extraordinary mothers, daughters, aunties, and wives who love Jesus and babies – to help me spread the word to friends of the unborn everywhere. Our mission: To Give a Choice and a Voice to the Unborn. Finally, a chance for the voiceless to shout, “I’m Pro-Life!”

I then placed this symbol on promotional items and apparel to be used as Fundraisers, Donor Recruitment Events, Team-Building Advances, and Trade Shows. Each item can be customized with your organization’s name or brand. Now you and your constituents can be a voice for the voiceless and a walking billboard for their cause in your community.

Proceeds of Prolife Babies go to support Pregnancy Resource Centers, Domestic Violence Safe Houses, and Human Trafficking Rescue Organizations all over the country – causes like yours.

Check out our online store and let us know how we can serve your cause for the unborn.

Thanks for stopping by!

J. Lynn Thomas
Chief Cheerleader for Prolife Babies


Finally! An Awareness Ribbon for the Unborn!