About Us


Hi, I’m Lynn, Chief Cheerleader and Creator of the divinely inspired (Upside-Down) AWARENESS RIBBON FOR THE UNBORN– a Baby, held safely in its mother’s womb. My friends and I are a tight-knit community of pro-life mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunties, and friends who love Jesus, babies, and family. We are passionate about every woman who wants to give her baby a choice and a voice for life. Our hand extends to all — those who grieve, those who struggle, and those who reach out for compassion and guidance.


We believe every baby in the womb is pro-life. Our mission is to give A CHOICE & A VOICE TO THE UNBORN, the most vulnerable of all God’s creation. When you purchase your UNBORN BABY AWARENESS products, you’ll be supporting pro-life organizations, ministries, nonprofits, mothers, and babies all over the country. Each month we will choose one Pregnancy Resource Center or Pro-Life Organization to support with proceeds of sales.


Promote Your Next FUNDRAISER, DONOR RECRUIT, TEAM-BUILDING ADVANCE, TRADE SHOW, CHURCH GROUP, or EVENT PROMO with our Unborn Awareness Promotional Products and Merchandise. Individual purchases are available with our slogan, “All Babies Are Pro-Life”. When you order 50 or more, we will CUSTOMIZE, with YOUR WEBSITE or HASHTAG for no additional charge.


Let’s be friends! Share your story, organization, or church affiliation with us on the contact page. Your organization will automatically be entered into our monthly drawing for support. And be sure and share your personal story, too, so we may join our faith with yours and pray for you!